Gusto costing your money?

Small Group Health Insurance with payroll companies like Gusto could be costing you TONS of money!

There are many good payroll companies out there and Gusto is one of them. However, letting a company that specializes in payroll take care of your group health insurance and employee benefits is not a good idea. Let’s explore why:

Problems with using payroll companies like Gusto for Group Health Insurance

Most of the payroll companies that also offer group health insurance plans have a very limited selection of companies and play types. I am specifically talking about their inability to offer self-funded health insurance plans to small groups. Not being able to access these types of plans could cost you 20-40% a year. This translates to thousands and thousands of dollars lost every year.

    1. Objection – But all-in-one payroll companies like Gusto make it so convenient!
      1. Answer – It is true that bundling everything with a payroll company can bring a certain level of convenience. However, you can get the same level of conveniences dealing with an experienced agent. We offer Employee Navigator to our groups, HR 360 and an unmatched level of expertise and customer services. For very small groups most insurance carriers have robust and easy to use portals as well.

Payroll companies specialize in payroll, not employee benefits. These companies do not usually have the knowledge or expertise to help your company fully implement group health insurance. Health insurance laws and regulations are very different state to state. It is in your best interest to work with someone who specializes in your state. Not only will they know the specific rules that apply to your state, but they will be able to advise you on several other options as well such as individual health, Medicare, group disability etc…

If you use a payroll company for health insurance, your company will most likely NOT be compliant. We have found that payroll companies do not ensure that their groups meet the Department of Labor compliance requirements for small groups. Not only do most payroll companies not create your compliance documents, we have found that they do not even tell their groups about the needed documents! You can read more about the required compliance documents for a group health insurance plan here:

Why work with Georgia Health Insurance?
  • We can offer all the group health insurance plans available in Georgia. As group health insurance becomes more and more expensive, it is imperative that groups shop their plans with everything the market has available. Cost is driving innovation in the small group market and there are numerous types of plans that can save your company a lot of money! These include self-funded plans, HSA/HRA/FSA strategies and reference based pricing plans.
  • We take care of your compliance documents! No need to worry about heavy fines from the Department of Labor! We will create your SPD Wrap document, your POP plan and ensure you know how they must be distributed to employees.
  • Georgia is our state! We live and work here. This means that we know what is happening in the group market in Georgia. We sit on advisory boards with insurance companies and talk with the politicians pushing healthcare reform. We are always seeking out the next best thing for our clients but also ensuring that the companies we work with are reliable and highly rated.
  • We highly value our clients! Don’t take my word for it, check our google reviews! Our company was started with the goal of helping people. And while we have grown over the years and adapted to new technologies, our core value of customer service remains as strong as ever! We return your calls and emails fast, we work hard to solve your problems as soon as we know about them, we provide you with valuable information throughout the year and we always strive to make your day better.
  • Georgia Health Insurance is constantly improving! We are always looking for new products, technology and ideas to help save your company time and money. We offer top of the line technology solutions such as Employee Navigator, HR360 and Formfire. We partner with awesome payroll companies like Paylocity. We even look at solutions that most brokers will not. An example of this is our recent partnership with the PEO company JustWorks. Each product we offer or company we partner with goes through an extensive vetting process that ensures our clients only get the best.
Can I work with Georgia Health Insurance and Gusto (or another payroll company)?

Yes, you can! Let Gusto, Zenefits or another payroll company handle your payroll and let Georgia Health Insurance handle your group health insurance and employee benefits. Get the best of both worlds and ensure that your group health insurance plan is not costing you extra money or putting you at risk of penalties! We would be happy to run quotes and show you that we absolutely CAN help you save money on your group health insurance plan.

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