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Individual/Family Health Insurance

We can answer your questions about Health Care Reform, the Affordable Care Act, and what options are available to you now. Whether you have questions about qualifying for a tax credit subsidy and purchasing a plan on the marketplace through, or purchasing a plan off of the marketplace, we are here to assist you in navigating this important transition with your insurance.

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Medicare Insurance

If you are turning 65 soon and getting onto Medicare for the first time, you will need someone to take the extra time to explain how Medicare works and explain your different options. Maybe you are someone simply looking to make a change in your Medicare plan during Open Enrollment- we can help you. We represent different carriers that offer Medicare Supplement, Part D drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans. Give us a call- we’re here to tell you about your options so you can get the right coverage that best fits your needs.

Life Insurance

Term life insurance has never been more affordable. If you’re looking to safeguard your family’s financial future, now is the time to do it. Our insurance agency offers high-value products from several top-rated life insurance companies, along with exceptional, highly personalized service.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Would you like the option to stay in your home as you age instead of having to go to a nursing home, should your health deteriorate to that point? A Long Term Care policy can provide you with that freedom.

Disability Insurance

Did you know that statistically, you are between 3 to 6 times more likely to suffer from a debilating injury or illness than you are to die prematurely? And the big problem with that is the huge medical bills that often add to your burden, at a time.

Dental Insurance

Much is known today about how important dental health is to a body’s overall health. There have been links discovered between gum disease and heart problems to name one. There are several different types of dental plans that we can describe to you and provide you with dental quotes that fit you and your family’s needs.

Vision Insurance

The health insurance plans sold on the market today do not include coverage to protect you from the cost of a vision exam to see if you need corrective lenses, nor help paying for those lenses should you need them. You can add that coverage for a low monthly premium and we offer a couple of great options.

Travel Insurance

Are you planning an overseas trip or expecting company from relatives or friends from outside of the United States?

Health Care Reform

There is much confusion in the health insurance market today due to the Affordable Care Act law and possible future changes. The health laws affect your health insurance choice because they now govern what plans are available, what the plans are required to cover, the cost of those plans and when you are allowed to purchase health coverage.

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