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Individual & Family Health Insurance

Are you overwhelmed by the endless lists of technical terms, prices, exclusions, and trying to figure out what benefits you actually need? Have you put your name, email, or phone # out on the internet only to receive numerous spam calls from faceless agents?

Are you one of the many people considering alternative options due to the high cost of major medical plans?

It’s time to get honest, straightforward help from an experienced local Atlanta agent who knows about the different types of health insurance plans available for Individuals and Families in Georgia! We’re here to help you sort through and pick your best option from:

Call us now at 770-452-9335 or Click Here to book a free telephone or video appointment with our Team, at a convenient time of your choosing, to go over your available options. We will never spam you with calls or emails!


Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefits

The happier employees are with their benefits, the happier and more satisfied they are overall, according to an analysis of survey data by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Let us help you provide the best health insurance and group benefits to your employees! By working with Georgia Health Insurance, you get:

  • Access to the best ACA and Level Funded Group Health Insurance plans available.
  • Help with other employee benefits such as Dental, Vision, Disability, Life.
  • Honest, expert advice that has your companies’ best interest in mind.
  • Technology that makes enrolling and managing your plan easy!
  • Compliance assistance to ensure you meet the standards!
  • Ongoing service that makes your life simple!

Partner with us today! We will be your most valuable ally in the selection and administration of your employee benefits. Call us now at 770-452-9335 or Click Here to book a free 15-minute telephone/video appointment with Daniel.


  • Confused and overwhelmed by Medicare?
  • Not sure how to get started or what all the Medicare choices mean?
  • We can explain the different options available to you in your specific area, and the timetables you need to consider, in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Terri is a local Atlanta NAHU Certified Medicare agent with 16 years of Medicare experience. She will take the time to listed and answer your questions about your personal Medicare needs.

Life Insurance

  • What sets us apart as a life insurance agency? We will not sell you too much life insurance and we will not sell you life insurance as an investment. We do not think that indexed universal life or whole life policies are the best choice for most people.
  • No question that life insurance is a very valuable type of insurance to have. Most people need some type of life insurance in place to protect their family or company against financial loss. Life insurance plays a valuable role in your financial security and stability.
  • Whether you are looking for life insurance for the first time or have a policy you would like us to review, you will get honest, trustworthy advice on the best plan for your family. We work with all the top-rated life insurance companies.

Long-Term Care Insurance

  • This discussion begins with questions. Are you over 45 years old? Have you considered how you would pay for a long-term care need in the future? Would family be able to take care of you? Are you ok with using Medicaid facilities and possibly having assets reclaimed by the government after you pass away? Do you have a plan?
  • Don’t worry, we are experts on Long-Term Care Insurance and we will help you come up with a plan.
  • We have an entire website dedicated to the Long-Term Care discussion, please visit:

Disability Insurance

  • Looking for a way to replace your income in case you become sick or disabled and are not able to work? Or for you and your employees?
  • Did you know that you are more likely to become disabled than die during your working years? 1 in 7 people of working age are likely to become disabled for 5 years or more between the ages of 35-65.
  • We represent only financially stable, highly rated disability insurers that you can trust

WHY Choose Georgia Health Insurance?

Customer Service and Satisfaction are our top priorities!

Georgia Health Insurance was started with the idea that we would serve our customers first. For over 13 years we have been dedicated to helping people with their individual and group health insurance. Rules, regulation and technologies change but through it all Georgia Health Insurance has remained focused on our main mission: To ensure our customers get the best insurance and the best service possible.

We are Local!

We are your local health insurance agent. We do business in GEORGIA exclusively for all the insurance services we offer. Insurance laws differ from state to state, by focusing only on Georgia we can provide advice and service tailored to the specific laws and regulation of our state. We have been in business for 13+ years and will be around for many more! We are invested in Georgia in ways that an agent on the other side of the county is not. Just like you, we do life in Georgia.

We have Superior Insurance Knowledge and Technology!

The times are changing! Insurance regulations are in flux and technology is rapidly advancing. Our clients don’t need to worry though. Not only are we an advocate for them through organizations like the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), we are constantly monitoring changes in regulations and how they will impact our clients. Georgia Health Insurance is also a leader in identifying new technologies that will allow us to better serve our clients.

We are Independent and only use the top Insurance Carriers!

We will always be independent. We decided long ago that this was the best way to serve our clients. We work with many insurance companies and are unbiased and honest when it comes to recommending the optimal products for our client. We only carry insurance products from the best, financially strong, customer friendly and top-rated insurance carriers. We only deal with providers we trust and would recommend to our family and close friends.

You can TRUST Georgia Health Insurance!

We have a stellar reputation online. We are 5 star rated on Google, 5 star rated on Facebook and 5 star rated on Yelp. As well as having additional testimonies on our website. Our Christian faith impacts all that we do. We always strive to deal with our customers openly, honestly and to the best of our ability so that we can bring glory to God through our work.

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