New Tool from Georgia Health Insurance Empowers Companies With HR Compliance Info

By: Chuck Greenewald

HR360 Gives Georgia Health Insurance, Inc. Small Group Employers the Tools They Need to Research and Understand Human Resources and Benefits Compliance.

“There’s so much I need to know, and so little time!”

Is there an entrepreneur or small business owner out there who can’t relate to how overwhelming it can be to manage the strategic, operational and growth aspects of their business while at the same time getting their hands around the compliance issues inherent in human resources and employee benefits? People who don’t struggle with such things might exist somewhere in the world, but for most small business owners, it takes considerable investment in human capital, time, and knowledge resources to be able to put and keep their business on track.

In the small group health insurance and benefits marketplace, which consists of companies with fewer than 50 employees – and many of which have fewer than 20 employees – it is often the office manager, a family member, or a business partner who must wear the HR, benefits, payroll, and compliance hats. It can be really difficult to keep up in an ever changing legislative and regulatory landscape.

To help address the needs of business owners in the small group health insurance and benefits market in Georgia, Georgia Health Insurance, Inc. is pleased to offer our clients free access to a powerful HR, legal and compliance knowledge base called HR360.

HR360 is a Saas (Software as a Service) platform that provides comprehensive, easy-to-navigate human resource and benefits guidance and news on both federal and state HR laws.  It gives small businesses   anytime-access to an extensive searchable online knowledge library with comprehensive human resources and benefits content, and tools created and updated by HR experts and employment attorneys – all in one convenient location.  It can save your company thousands of dollars in consulting fees, and literally hundreds or thousands of hours of research for answers to pressing questions about the compliant operation of your business.

Some of the key features of HR360 include:
  • Federal and state HR requirements concerning issues like the Affordable Care Act, COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), drug testing, unemployment, family and medical leave (FMLA), record keeping and drug testing.
  • Resources providing tools and links to reliable information on federal laws, disability, diversity, document samples, guides for administering COBRA, an “Ask the Expert” section that allows you to ask a third party HR expert questions, and an expansive FAQ section. 
  • More than 500 downloadable forms, more than 100 downloadable posters, and policy documents related to required government forms, HR notices, harassment policies, employee handbook templates, PTO policies, workplace safety and OSHA requirements, and HR audits.
  • Recruiting and hiring information touching on hiring processes, taxes, job descriptions, interviewing, and recruiting.
  • HR tools and applications that help you address things such as exempt vs. non-exempt employees, salary benchmarking, and employee cost calculators.
  • Human resource support, covering issues like performance reviews and disciplinary and termination procedures, employment and labor law checklists and guidelines, anti-discrimination protocols, and payroll.
  • Health Care Reform Updates
  • HR News Alerts
  • Training Videos
  • Attorney-reviewed training videos

If you are a small business owner or office manager looking for expertise in Georgia Health Insurance and ancillary insurance benefits, and you are struggling with the day-to-day details of running the HR, benefits and compliance aspects of your business, call Georgia Health Insurance Inc today at (770) 452-9335 and ask for Licensed Agent Daniel Potter, or send an email using our contact form below. You may also schedule a meeting with Daniel by accessing his calendar online.

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