Group Health Insurance and
Employee Benefits in Georgia

Do you want to provide Group Health Insurance and other benefits such as Dental, Vision, Disability, Life Insurance and Retirement Accounts to your employees?

We serve employers with 2-250 employees. Let’s join forces today and give your employees the best benefits at the best price!

Group Benefit Challenges:

  • High Cost of Healthcare, if left alone grows out of control!
  • Tons of options! Which ones are legitimate?
  • ERISA and ACA compliance regulations with stiff penalties
  • Ongoing administrative burden on owners and HR personnel.

Our Solutions:

  • We pursue both ACA and Self-Funded plans to find you the best price.
  • We only work with top rated companies with great track records.
  • We educate you on compliance requirements and then ensure you meet the standards!
  • We offer support and a FREE online enrollment and management system. All your benefits are in one place and can even integrate with your current payroll provider! (Employee Navigator)

The Georgia Health Insurance Difference:

The driving force behind our agency is that we care about our groups and their employees. The Group Benefit Solutions that we offer are all designed to make your company more successful. This is why we have been one of the top insurance agencies in Georgia for over 13 years. Over 50 five star reviews on google are a testament to the care and expertise we bring to our clients.

Employee Benefits

Group Health Insurance

For Georgia companies, Group Health Insurance represents a major expense as well as one of the main benefits that they offer their employees. This is usually the most expensive employee benefit that a company will offer its workforce. Here are the main types of insurance plans:

Fully Insured, ACA Plans


  • Simple, Comprehensive Plans
  • No underwriting, prices based off of age.
  • Less Compliance concerns
  • HMO, PPO and NPOS networks
  • Level Premiums


  • Expensive!
  • Good health not rewarded

Self-Funded Plans


  • Can save you 20-40% compared to ACA plans.
  • Healthy Employees cost less
  • More customization
  • PPO and NPOS networks
  • Level Premiums


  • Employees underwritten for health
  • Can be rejected based on employee health
  • More compliance requirements
  • Plans are more complex

Other Employee Benefits

Group Dental Insurance

Group Vision Insurance

Group Disability Insurance

Group Life Insurance

We stay up to date on the healthcare changes in Georgia. When you work with us for your group health insurance in Georgia, you can rest assured that we will help you provide your employees with the very best coverage.

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Advanced Business Planning

Free Business Valuations

Key Man Insurance

Buy-Sell Agreements


The need to comply with government regulations with regards to employee benefits in Georgia is a reality. Failure to comply can cost your company a lot of money. Georgia Health Insurance will ensure that you have the tools you need to stay compliant with ERISA and ACA requirements.

ERISA WRAP SPD Plan Document

If you offer group health insurance or other benefits then you must provide a WRAP, “Summary Plan Description” Plan Document (Wrap Doc). This document must disclose certain things about your plan. It is the responsibility of the business to provide this document, not the insurance company (the insurance company provides the Summary of Benefits Coverage or SBC).

If you do not create and supply this document to your employees within 120 days of the plan effective date, you can face fines of $110 a day per employee. Not having the Wrap Doc can also trigger an audit by the Department of Labor.

Now for the good news…

Georgia Health Insurance will create your SPD WRAP DOC for you!

Do not leave your Group Health Insurance compliance up to chance. Let us help you do your Georgia Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits right the first time!

Section 125 Premium Only Plan

Did you know that your employee’s contributions can be taken out of their paychecks pre-tax? This saves employees millions of dollars every year! The Premium Only Plan (POP plan) is a simple document that an employer is required to create and maintain on file in order to pre-tax employee insurance premiums. Failure to have this document on file while taking pre-tax premiums is a violation of tax law.

Georgia Health Insurance will create your POP plan for you!

COBRA Administration

If you have over 20 full time equivalent employees, you need COBRA administration. There are multiple options for making sure you comply with COBRA regulations. We will help you evaluate the options and choose the best way to manage your COBRA.

Other Compliance Requirements

Other compliance requirements for large groups and self-funded groups include; Form 5500 filing (100+ employees), form 1095/1094, PCORI fees, and more. It is important you work with an agency that will make sure that you have the knowledge and tools you need to remain complaint. Our goal at Georgia Health Insurance is to always be one step ahead in making sure our groups remain compliant.


Georgia Health Insurance strives to use the BEST technology so that it is easier for our groups to Enroll and Manage their employee benefits. We also provide valuable HR software and other integrations that will make your life easier!

We offer Employee Navigator 100% free to our groups! Employee Navigator makes it easy to enroll and manage your groups, all in one location online. No more paper! It can also integrate with most payroll providers for an even more streamlined experience.

Employee Navigator Payroll Integration

Don’t waste time entering your employee’s information into two systems! Employee Navigator can integrate with most payroll providers, eliminating duel entry and other paperwork! Here are the partnering payroll companies:

Click Here

Here is an example of the integration with Paylocity:

We offer HR360 100% free to our groups! HR360 is a online HR and compliance library. It features over 500 HR forms, 100 HR training videos, HR apps and tools, up to date newsletters on HR and Compliance changes in your state and much more! This is an invaluable resource for business owners and HR departments!

When it comes to group health insurance and employee benefits in Georgia, you can rest assured that we will always be searching for the easiest and most cost effective way for our groups to implement and manage their plans. We are a solution driven agency that loves to solve problems!


In this section we are going to recommend some payroll companies that are highly rated and integrate well with our benefit administration system. When you partner our specialized knowledge and service in employee benefits with a payroll company that provides excellent products and service…you win!

Our #1 recommendation

Paylocity is the TOP RANKED payroll software on G2crowd (a reputable business software review website).

Read Their Reviews Here

It is no surprise that other businesses have ranked Paylocity as the best payroll provider. They are committed to elevating the Payroll and HR experience. They provide top of the line technology, service and integrations. Just like us, they are experts at what they do. Our friend at Paylocity, Zach Schirtz, would be happy to come out and show you why they are the best Payroll provider!

(Please note we get no commission or payment for referring Paylocity, we truly think they are a great company and that they are an asset to every company that uses their service!)

Another Good Option

Benefit Mall is good for companies with less than 50 employees. They offer a simple payroll and HR system that integrates with Employee Navigator.

Read Their Reviews Here

Be Careful!

There are many “Payroll” companies that also try to handle employee benefits. The problem with these companies is that they usually do not fully understand Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits. They operate with a limited selection of plans and are slow to adapt to changes in the marketplace. Usually the account manager you will work with has little to no experience in employee benefits.

Contact us today and let us help you with your Group Health Insurance
and Employee Benefits in Georgia!

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