2018 Recap With Georgia Health Insurance

2018 Recap With Georgia Health Insurance

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Another year has flown by and we thank God for the success we have had and for the challenges we have overcome in 2018. In the roller coaster market that is health insurance, we have been able to continuously provide an outstanding level of service to our individual and group health insurance clients. Terri founded Georgia Health Insurance with the idea that we would focus on providing excellent, trustworthy advice and service to our individual and group clients above all else. This remains our main focus going forward into 2019 and is reflected in our clients REVIEWS of us.

Changes To Health Insurance

While 2018 brought some changes to health insurance, it did not bring major changes to the Affordable Care Act. You can read about some of the changes to the ACA in our post: The Affordable Care Act Today

On the group side, Association Health Plans were made a bit more viable but unfortunately, we have not seen insurance carriers offering association plans due to their complexity and expense. We will continue to monitor viable association plans during 2019.

There is good news on the health insurance front for small groups in Georgia. Kaiser Permanente is now offering a PPO plan for small groups that has an excellent network and great pricing. You can read more about it here: Kaiser Permanente set to launch a Group PPO plan in Georgia for 2019.

Other Services We Offer

We have been blessed to add to our staff in 2018 and this has allowed us to offer even more service to our customers! We obviously specialize in health insurance but also have experts on staff for: Medicare, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance. We are not pushy sales people and we will never sell you a product that we think is a waste of money. Instead, we want you to be knowledgeable about what these products do and in what situations they could benefit you.

Long-Term Care Insurance

We have seen a need for honest, knowledgeable agents in the field of Long-Term Care Insurance in Georgia. This has led us to launch a new website: https://www.ga-longtermcare.com/. The goal of this website is to be a valuable resource for people considering the cost of Long-Term Care and who want to research using insurance as a viable solution. There are exciting, affordable plans available to consider. Even the government has realized the need for Long-Term Care insurance and offers partnership plans in GA that you can take advantage of. If you have any questions on Long-Term Care, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Something we realized in 2018: Terri is an excellent Medicare agent and we need to enable her to help more people with this important insurance decision. Not only is she a NAHU, Medicare Certified Agent, but she is someone who truly wants you to get the best Medicare plan for your situation. She will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your Medicare insurance every year.
Due to this, we will be releasing a Medicare website in 2019 that will enable us to better service our clients. We are very excited about our new website and will have more updates on it soon!

Life Insurance

Another website? Yes, it is true. We also plan to release a life insurance website for 2019. Junk life insurance abounds, and we want a place where we can review life insurance carriers and plans and help you decide what is junk and what will actually benefit you. More to come on this later in the year!

New Team Members

Daniel Potter is a new addition to our team. He is an expert in Group Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance. He worked at a large insurance broker before coming to GHI. (Technically he started in 2017 but it was at the tail end of the year.) He is Terri’s son and he values the same Christian ethics that Terri has built Georgia Health Insurance on. We are very excited to have him join the company!

Latazia Kendricks is another new addition to the GHI team in 2018. She started with us right before open enrollment and has already proven herself to be a valuable asset. She is involved in almost every area of the business! Her customer service, Christian spirit, attention to detail and marketing mindset are a great addition to our team.

Staying Local

Many insurance agencies span the entire nation. They want business wherever they can get it. Here at GEORGIA Health Insurance, we are committed to providing insurance expertise to this great state. Insurance laws differ from state to state, by focusing only on Georgia we can provide advice and service tailored to the specific laws and regulation of our state. We truly believe that continuing to focus solely on Georgia is one of the best ways that we can serve our clients. We love the business and people of Georgia and are proud Georgia Chamber of Commerce members.


If you are our client, we truly want to thank you for letting us help you in 2018. We look forward too many more years of providing you with our very best. If you are not yet our client, give us a call! We would love to help you in any way that we can.


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