2019 Group Health Insurance Options

2019 Group Health Insurance Options

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It is time to look at Health Insurance options for 2019 and I wanted to let you know what we think the best options for Group Health Insurance will be for the coming year!

Healthy Groups can save A LOT of money in 2019 with BlueCross BlueShield or Aetna:

Two of the most reputable health insurance carriers in Georgia are now offering group health insurance plans that underwrite the groups health and then price the plan based off how healthy the group is. This means that if your employees are generally healthy, you could save 20-40% of off fully insured, ACA group plans! This is huge news!

  • BlueCross BlueShield (Anthem) – just announced an underwritten plan in partnership with the GEORGIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. This plan can save 20%+ over BCBS’s fully insured plans. This plan is available for groups 2-50 in size.
  • Aetna – Has a level-funded, underwritten plan that can save healthy groups 20%-40% over similar, fully insured plans. This plan is available for groups 5-50.

Fully Insured, ACA Group Plans:

The best carriers for small groups wanting fully insured, ACA plans (no underwriting) are going to be Kaiser, Humana and BCBS. Of these carriers we believe that KAISER is going to be the best option for 2019 (for groups in their service area). This is because they have a new PPO plan with a massive nationwide network (PHCS). These plans give you the option to see Kaiser doctors for cheaper copays, but they also fully cover you at almost any doctor nationwide! This is great news! With Kaiser you also have the option to offer a MUCH cheaper HMO for employees that want lower premiums. This can save your company a lot of money over the long run.

Additionally, Kaiser is dumping 1 BILLION dollars into improving their coverage in Georgia and they are partnering with Emory hospitals for 20+ years! Read more about why we think Kaiser is a solid choice now and for years to come for fully insured groups (no underwriting): Kaiser and the Future of Group Health Insurance in Georgia

Don’t Wait. Give me a call today and I will help you get quotes on some of these new plans. 2019 could be a great year for Group Health Insurance savings!


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