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Thank you for choosing us when looking for health insurance. We believe that United HealthCare offers the best short term plans in Georgia! We recommend them for people that do not have a qualifying event to purchase a major medical health plan at this time and/or do not have pre-existing conditions. Please be sure to review the brochure in the quote that is related to the plan that you are interested in.

I want to clarify for you that United HealthCare/Golden Rule Short Term Plans are NOT ACA qualified health plans and they do not cover pre-existing conditions nor offer maternity coverage. These types of things are only covered by major medical health plans and those plans must be purchased during Open Enrollment which runs Nov 1-Dec 15th of each year with an effective date of January 1st (unless you have a Qualifying Event to allow mid-year enrollments).

Benefits of a United HealthCare plan:

  • A National name both you and your provider will recognize
  • When using the United HealthCare ChoicePlus Network you benefit from:
    • Significant Network Discounts. (National average 56% discount)
    • 1,400,00+ HealthCare Professionals
    • 6,500+ Hospitals

United HealthCare offers good plans and you will find many quotes when you click on my quote link. To help you narrow down your choices, my recommended plans are listed below: 

Short Term Plans-Short Term Medical Plus Elite A Plan

Coverage for hospitalization and prescription coverage (for new prescriptions). No charge after deductible for covered services. However, it does offer an Urgent Care copay of $75 before you meet your deductible! Lifetime maximum benefit of $2 million per person on this plan. Deductible is per family member. There is a 5 day wait on coverage for illness on this plan. ***Significant discount (around 23%) if you choose the Single Payment option! Even if you choose this payment method you can cancel any time after 30 days and get your money back there is a 30-day minimum coverage period. Lifetime maximum benefit of $2 million per person on this plan.


TriTerm Short Term Medical-CoPay Select Max Plan

Offers coverage for Hospitalization and has Doctors Office and Urgent Care Copays & limited Preventive care coverage after 6 months, and prescription coverage for new prescriptions. Lifetime maximum benefit of $2 million per person on this plan. 2 deductible maximum per family.

And you might want to add dental and vision:

Dental Plans-Premier Plus Dental covers Implants for adults and braces for children under age 19.

Vision Plans– Plan B covers Eye exam and Contacts benefit is in addition to glasses.

Find a Provider:

When you run your quotes below, you will have active links right in your quote so that you can look up Medical, Dental and Vision providers.

Run Quotes and apply when ready:

Click HERE to run your quotes.

Then you can apply directly through that quote for the plans you decide on. Be sure to read the plan specific brochures in the quote before you decide to apply, to see the plan details of the coverage and exclusions for that plan. Full details can be found in your actual policy.

As long as you apply though the link above, I will be your broker and we will follow up on your application. You will hear from us after your application has been processed or if there is a problem. This way you will have an actual broker working on your behalf. Please feel free to call my office or email me with any questions.


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