Plan Now, Avoid Being A GoFundMe Page

Plan Now, Avoid Being A GoFundMe Page

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We have all seen it, the heartbreaking story of someone’s death on a GoFundMe page. Usually they had a family that was depending on them for their material well being and the death leaves them without the financial means to continue functioning. Thankfully, there are kind and generous people that will come together on sites like GoFundMe to help their fellow man in his time of need. This is a great showing of generosity, but it serves to underscore the importance of having a plan in place to take care of your family in the event that you pass away. Even families with multiple income earners should carefully consider the impact that losing a loved one would have on your ability to pay for funerals and related expenses as well as your desire or ability to immediately return to work.

Life insurance fills this planning need from a financial perspective. By paying small, level premiums now you can ensure that your family will receive the money they need in the event that you suffer a premature death. GoFundMe may be able to help some families in need, but more families struggle and suffer unseen and unheard because of financial burdens brought on by sudden deaths. The generosity of others is a wonderful thing, but it is irresponsible to hope on the generosity of others when you have the means and ability to plan and prepare now. Your family’s future is too important to be left to uncertainty.

Losing a loved one will never be easy, and money will not make the pain and suffering go away. However, not having the added burdens of financial instability, insecurity and need will be a tremendous blessing as your family attempts to heal and move forward.

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