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Carrier Spotlight: Oscar Health

Carrier Spotlight: Oscar – Health insurance that just makes sense.

Oscar Insurance is a company that is looking to disrupt the health insurance market in all the right ways. Their stated goal is that they are seeking to “make a healthier life accessible and affordable to all” and they are striving to achieve this through a smart use of technology and data.

One of their main beliefs is that the healthcare system in the U.S. is inefficient and does a poor job of connecting clients with the care they need at a reasonable cost. They also believe that one of the main tenets of healthcare is helping people get and stay healthy.

How Oscar is Different

Better Member Experience

Easy-to-use technology, a dedicated care team for each member and smart systems that can identify health issues and connect members to services that will get them healthy are just a few ways that Oscar is focusing on a good membership experience. One of their key goals is to develop long-term relationships with their clients and then to help those clients get healthy and stay healthy. This drives costs down medical costs for both the consumer and the insurance company, which will also drive down premium costs. Oscar calls this sharing the financial outcome with the patient.

A better membership experience is also achieved through fast and accurate claims processing, pricing transparency and use of agents that consumers can trust.

Personalized Health Insurance

Everybody is different and effective healthcare involves realizing that your reality. Most companies want to use data to sell you something, but Oscar is committed to using all that data to help personalize insurance care. Not only are they using data and AI to route care to the doctors with the best outcome record and lowest cost, but they are also using data to offer personalized incentives, rewards and plans that assist members in getting healthy for the long term.

Bottom line is that Oscar wants to engage their members, earn their trust and provide them with a healthy life for years to come.

What Oscar is Striving For

1.) Brand Trust – Oscar wants to be able to attract clients and retain them for the long-term. In the current market, people switch carriers in less than three years. This does not allow health insurance companies to invest in the long-term health of their clients.

2.) Care Delivery for Individuals and Other Companies – Oscar wants to provide tools for their members as well as other tech startups and insurance providers to access and provide affordable, effective healthcare.

3.) Personalized Health Incentives – Oscar believes that with the technology, data and knowledge, healthcare in America can be reworked to achieve better outcomes for less.

4.) Programmable Routing – Oscar wants to provide the tools for innovators in the health insurance field to be able to scale their business. They do this with more interconnection of medical records and smart routing of clients to providers.

Read more here: https://www.hioscar.com/what-oscar-does

Review of Oscar in Georgia

Oscar is a newer provider in Georgia for both individuals/families and small groups and they are not for everyone as they are still growing. However, we like their philosophy of care and for the right clients they can be a great option. We are confident that they will continue to improve.

Oscar for Individual and Families in Georgia

You can read our section about Oscar in the 2022 Health Insurance Guide for Individual and Family Plans. They have two excellent hospitals in network with Emory and WellStar. They require no referrals, give members a dedicated Care Team to help you in your healthcare journey and provide free telemedicine (call a doctor) through their app.

The doctor network still has room to improve as well as driving new members to engage with their technology.

Oscar for Small Groups in Georgia

Oscar has partnered with Cigna to offer a great plan for small groups in Georgia. The Cigna+Oscar plan offers the choice of a cheaper, localized Oscar network and a broad, nationwide Cigna NPOS. It is very well priced and gives employees easy to use technology tools like app-based telemedicine, easy medicine refills without an appointment and a Care Team that includes a licensed nurse!

Georgia Health Insurance is always looking to offer our clients the best health insurance for the best price. We welcome companies like Oscar who are actively seeking to provide excellent care AND to lower the cost of care through healthier members!


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