Self-Renewal and High Group Health Insurance Prices

Many companies cringe when they get their group health insurance renewal letter. This is understandable as renewal increases can range from 10-40% or MORE! These increases can happen year after year and are one of the reasons that group health insurance is usually one of a company’s biggest expenses! Is there no relief in sight?

We are here to tell you that there could be relief for you! While you might not be able to directly effect the laws and regulations on the national or state level, you can choose to find an insurance agency that will work hard within the current market to get you the best group health insurance and employee benefits for the best price.

Stop Self-Renewing!

Self-renewing is when you handle your renewal all by yourself. You see your renewal and then you accept it. Maybe you have an agent, but they are not willing or able to help you shop your plan. Maybe you shop around a bit on your own or get quotes from a faceless online vendor.

Let us be clear, your agent should help you with your renewal EVERY SINGLE YEAR. There is literally no excuse for your agent to let you accept a high renewal without helping you explore the options. If this is happening to you, we highly recommend you give us a call so that you can experience the difference of an agency that has your best interest in mind year after year.

Maybe your options are limited, or you must use a certain carrier for some reason…your agent should still be providing recommendations and letting you know that they are up to date on the most recent products, options and changes in the group marketplace.

It does not matter what size your group is. Your agent is being paid by the insurance company and you should expect them to work for that money. If they will not, find someone who will.

What to do About High Group Health Insurance Prices?

So, what can we do to help you with your ever increasing group health insurance premiums? Great question! Here are a few things that any good health insurance agent should be doing for their clients:

You Deserve Excellent Service from your Group Health Insurance Agent.

Group health insurance is not simple. It is not something you should do with an online quote vendor who has an agent halfway across the country. You should not have your health insurance through a payroll company that cannot offer you all the options available to you in your state. You should use a local agency that is focused on your state, has great customer reviews and will make it a priority to give you the very best service year after year.

It does not matter how big or small your group is! Your agent gets paid by the insurance company to help you. As a client it is your right to demand good service from your health insurance agent! If your insurance agent is not making your life better and helping you save money, find one that will!

What sets Georgia Health Insurance Apart?

  • We strive to help our clients save money every single year. We are always looking at new products, changes and trends in the marketplace and opportunities to help our clients.
  • We provide more services, more technology and better customer service than other agencies! Here are 8 reasons you should partner with us!
  • We are local, independent and have a great reputation. At the time of writing this we have 78 5-star reviews on google. Each review is from a local, Georgia client that has realized that we do not just talk the talk. We really do care about our clients!

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