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We think reviews are important. Online reviews are the testament to how a company treats its customers. They are a quick glimpse into what you can expect from a company. The insurance business is plagued by agents that are just in it for the money. These types of agents are here today and gone tomorrow; they are often faceless and have no reviews. That is why we highly recommend you read reviews before you do business with any insurance agent. With the ease of reading online reviews, you can quickly determine if an agent can be trusted or if they mistreat their clients. Georgia Health Insurance’s reviews speak for themselves and they fully reflect our dedication and commitment to each of our clients.

Personally Submitted Reviews


It was so great talking to you, Terri. You gave me a lot of good information concerning health care and my finances as I go through a life change. I will definitely be using you as a consultant.


Terri Potter and her staff were very helpful. When my daughter and my grandchildren needed health insurance, she provided great advice and service. I highly recommend her!


Terri, Thank you for your time, assistance and consideration. Thanks to you I no longer have information overload in regards to Medicare, but know how to move forward with a good understanding of what to do.

Paul T.

Great folks to work with. I recommend them to anyone looking for insurance. They have always done a great job for us

Angelique W.

Incredible service. In the crazy confusing world of insurance, I have been so relieved to have Terri help me navigate through the process. I have been using her services for years & am constantly recommending her to family & friends.

Donna B.

My husband and I have always relied on our own abilities to figure out what is best for us, but with all this confusion concerning health insurance, it became clear that we needed help. We are just beginning the process of attempting to obtain health insurance through an agency, but Terri Potter and her staff have really been great so far in keeping us up to date. I cannot say I look forward to enduring this whole "marketplace" experience, but I do believe that Terri will do the best job to get us through it!

Julie P.

Terri and her team are outstanding! Their knowledge of the products is key, but the quick turnaround is even better. Terri goes above and beyond to help her clients and she even responded to me on Thanksgiving weekend with direction my aging mother can use in securing the correct insurance broker in her new home state of Florida. Thank you Terri and Rachael!

Dao H.

Terri Potter and her staff were very wonderful in helping me go through the matters with the Healthcare Marketplace and Medicare. Thank you for your hard work and especially in dealing with the many complicated matters that I have brought to you. Thank you again for taking the time from your busy schedule to care, bless you, you are a very kind lady indeed.

Joanne G.

Terri and her staff are wonderful! So helpful in figuring out how to wade through the many, many options out there and come up with just the right plan at the right budget. I would recommend this group to anybody interested in maximizing coverage for any budget.

Tamara N.

Terri Potter and her coworkers always provide quick and helpful information and is always eager to answer questions to assure you understand what you are calling about. I recommend this company.


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