Georgia Health Insurance Customer Service

Our Customer Service Mindset

By: Latazia Kendricks

Ambetter, Anthem (Blue Cross), United Healthcare, Humana and Kaiser are just a few of the names in the vast array of health insurance carriers out there. Should you choose major medical insurance or will a Short-Term plan work better? What group health plan should your new business start to use? Could you save your company money by switching plans?

Buying health insurance can be an overwhelming task to accomplish yourself and many customers come to us after they’ve been worn down by the host of varying options out there. Our goal at Georgia Health Insurance is to take the burden of finding insurance off you and bring an ease to the process. If you have an issue, we’re here to help even if it means you don’t choose us. We understand your frustrations and do our utmost to make sure you don’t leave without an answer or knowledge of how to proceed. True to our customer service motto “Treat others as you want to be treated,” we strive to always offer premier customer service that is friendly, timely, and customer-centered.

A Friendly Experience

We all patron a multitude of businesses, sometimes many in just one day. We always enjoy it when we have a friendly experience, but all too often, we don’t have the pleasure of a pleasant encounter.  Here at Georgia Health Insurance, we strive to make every encounter with our customers a positive one. When you call or email us you will be met with the friendly disposition of someone who truly wants to help you. One of our customers has reviewed us as “super nice, knowledgeable and professional”. We’re always willing to be of assistance. Our knowledgeable staff can offer their expertise on a plethora of health insurance topics. We do not hesitate to go above and beyond for our customers. Buying the right health insurance can be an arduous process but finding the right agency to help can make a world of difference!

A Timely Experience

We care about your time. When you call us, we will quickly assess your needs and connect you to one of our agents who can best advise you. If you send us an email, we will quickly respond. If you have an issue or problem, we will work non-stop until your problem is fixed. In addition, we now have a new system that allows you to schedule a time to go over your insurance needs with an available agent who will call you at the appointed time. If you decide to use our services during Open Enrollment (which happens for individuals November 1st through December 15th and Medicare recipients October 15th through December 7th) you can sign up to be on our email list to be reminded ahead of time about the opportunity to choose a different carrier or plan. If your plan is expiring or you need to be enrolled in Medicare, we remind our clients in enough time for us to work together to prepare a solution.

A Customer-Centered Experience

Being customer centered has given us the ability to build strong client relationships. As independent agents, we work for our clients, not insurance companies. We have had customers since our start in 2006 who are still with us today. Those who have been with us for family coverage often return to our agency when their adult child(ren) need their own insurance. We have watched small groups clients that started with 2 employees grow to over 50 employees. With over 20 years of experience in health insurance combined, our agents take the time to work with each individual and group. One of our customers has said, “Terri has been so incredibly kind, patient and helpful as she teaches me how to navigate the complex and confusing healthcare marketplace.” Many of our customers share this sentiment. We are here for individuals, families and groups, always providing them with personal and specialized care.

A Technologically Savvy Experience

Georgia Health Insurance understands the rapid changes in technology and has adapted to serve our clientele in new and better ways. Through social media and our blog, we are able to connect with our customers on a more personal level and keep them updated in the ever-changing news of insurance. We recently updated our website and customers can now sign up for travel insurance online. Moreover, we utilize the latest secure programming to streamline the marketplace enrollment process. Another example is Employee Navigator, which we offer to our groups and allows them to administer their group plan efficiently and securely.  You can even make appointments to speak with our agent Terri through the Google search engine. Our aim is to continually provide our customers with the most efficient ways to communicate and work with us.

Trust Is Essential

Your trust is of utmost importance to our business. Having someone navigate the perplexity of your insurance requires that you trust they will be careful with your information and steer you to a reliable and reputable plan that best fits your needs. Working carelessly does not build that trust or meet our customer service standards. Our business is based in integrity which you can read about in our reviews. With over a decade in business, Georgia Health Insurance has always kept our client’s interest and confidentiality as a top priority.

We are a family owned business with a solid understanding of professionalism, kindness and customer relations. When you choose Georgia Health Insurance, you are choosing the best agency in Georgia!

Give us a call or send us an email today and let us know how we can help you!



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