Kaiser And The Future Of Group Health Insurance In Georgia

Kaiser And The Future Of Group Health Insurance In Georgia

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Healthcare insurance options in Georgia have not been the greatest over the past few years. However, Kaiser has recently made some changes that have us very excited about the future of healthcare in Georgia. Here are the reasons you should consider Kaiser for your group health insurance.

  • Kaiser is investing 1 billion dollars in Georgia to grow their network and improve their services. No other insurance company is making this type of investment in Georgia. Kaiser facilities, doctors, systems and service are only going to get better and better. They are proving that they are in it for the long haul with their massive investment in Georgia. With uncertainly looming when it comes to other health insurance companies and Georgia, it makes sense to get integrated into Kaiser’s network now.
  • Kaiser is teaming up with Emory Hospitals. With this change Emory University Hospital Midtown and Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital will become the primary hospitals for Kaiser Permanente physicians and members. This will serve to expand Kaisers network and provide their members with access to the excellent Emery doctors and hospital staff. Read more here.
  • Kaiser is the top ranked health insurance provider by both NCQA and J.D. Power. Why not choose the best?
  • Kaiser’s integrated health system provides a seamless healthcare experience. Everything is connected at Kaiser and this system translates to a smoother, faster, more accurate, more affordable and personalized healthcare experience.
  • Kaiser is a nonprofit organization. For-profit health insurance companies are ultimately responsible to their shareholders and not their members. Kaiser is unencumbered with having to make a profit for shareholders and can completely focus on providing the best possible care and benefits for its members and their communities.
  • Kaiser is coming out with a very competitive group PPO plan. This will have the largest network in the nation but will also have access to Kaiser’s HMO network for its cheaper plans and prices. This is going to be a great option for small groups in 2019.

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