Health Insurance in Georgia: 2020 and Beyond

There are multiple health insurance changes on the horizon for Georgia. Some of these changes could have drastic impacts on health insurance plans, prices and delivery methods. But what about 2020? Will there be any drastic changes to health insurance in Georgia this year? Join us as we discuss health insurance changes in Georgia in 2020 and beyond!

Georgia Health Insurance in 2020

Are there big changes coming to health insurance in 2020 for Georgia? The short answer is NO. Most of the changes that could happen will not be until 2021, 2022 or later. The government usually moves like a giant oil tanker, very slow. However, that may not be a bad thing when it comes to health insurance, it is a complex problem.

Individual Plans in 2020: New Carriers

If you have been suffering under the high prices of Obamacare insurance, then you will probably disappointed when I say that not much will change for 2020. Nothing should happen this year to affect prices much. There is a bit more competition in the marketplace as two new insurance carriers came to Georgia for 2020, Oscar Health and CareSource. This is a positive change as more options will help drive down prices and lead to all around better health insurance. You can read our guide for 2020 health insurance plans HERE.

Group Health Insurance Plans in 2020: Self-funded Options

Like the individual market, we will most likely not see major changes to group health insurance in 2020. However, unlike the individual market, small groups have money-saving options in the form of self-funded health plans. These plans allow qualified groups to realize savings of up to 40% on their group health insurance plans. You can read more about self-funded group health plans HERE. If you want to save money on your group health insurance plan in 2020 then give us a call!

Major Changes Coming to Health Insurance in Georgia in the Next Couple of Years

While 2020 may not be the year for major health insurance change, there are major changes that could happen starting in 2021. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp just recently announced that Georgia would be creating a “reinsurance” program to help reduce health insurance premiums. A number of other states have had success creating reinsurance programs. The program would start in 2021 and would also increase the amount of people that could qualify for Medicaid.

The second major change coming is Governor Kemp’s plan to eliminate the ACA exchange and the website in Georgia and replace it with a system set up and run by Georgia. This would allow for more plan options, more choice, more insurance companies, better networks, lower prices, etc… This is a major change and a major undertaking, do not expect to see this happen any sooner than 2022.

Both changes require that the government approve waivers to certain aspects of the ACA. These waivers would allow Georgia more control in setting up and managing health insurance coverage in Georgia. Other states have been approved for similar waivers so it is likely the approval will happen. You can read more about the changes here:

We are excited about the changes Governor Kemp has proposed. We look forward to learning more as he unveils his plan over the coming year. Rest assured that we plan to be vocal and involved in this process and our hope is that the coming changes will allow us to help even more of our fellow Georgia residents get quality and affordable healthcare!

Thank you so much for choosing Georgia Health Insurance for 2019. We cannot wait to help you this year and in the year to come!

How We Can Help You in 2020!

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