Group Health Insurance

Are you looking for a group health plan for your small or large size business? We are here to help you with all of your group benefit needs.

We will need to know what your goals are for your group benefit package in order for us to serve you best.

We will be happy to gather medical quotes for you including dental and vision. You might also consider life insurance, disability and long term care if you want to build a full benefit package.

  • Are you a small group that has under 50 employees or a larger group with 50+ employees (or 50 full-time equivalent employees)? We work with all size groups.
  • Are you an employer looking for a benefit plan to attract a better caliber, long term employee while trying to keep your cost down in the process? We can help.
  • Or if you are a 50+ group are you looking for the cheapest qualified plan to avoid paying the Employer Shared Responsibility Payment for Failure to Offer Minimum Essential Coverage? We can help. Learn more about this employer penalty here.

Are you losing sleep over worries about compliance? HR problems? Payroll issues? We have solutions to help you with those concerns as well.

Call Terri with your questions at 770-452-9335