Group Health Insurance in Georgia for 2020 and 2021

The Group Health Insurance market in Georgia is changing. There are new ideas and new technologies that you should be taking advantage of! Join us as we look at some of the bright and shiny products in Georgia’s group health insurance and employee benefit market! But before we get started:

4th Quarter is Busy!

There is no doubt that the 4th quarter is the busiest time of year for health insurance in Georgia. Not only do we have the individual, open enrollment starting November 1st, but most groups have their renewal periods at the end of the year.

On top of that, many groups have pushed off changing anything with their group health insurance due to COVID-19.  As the economy recovers, companies looking to save money will be looking at their employee benefits and group health insurance as a prime place to save money.

What does this mean for your company? It means you should call me now! There are excellent new products in the market that can save you money now! There is no advantage to having a plan effective date of Jan 1 over any other time of the year.

Kaiser – The Gold Standard for Fully Insured Plans

We sell all the fully insured insurance plans in Georgia. We see what the prices are for each company. We see the benefits that each company offers. And we tell our clients that there is almost no reason to go with any fully insured insurance carrier but Kaiser.

Kaiser has the lowest prices, they have the best renewals, they have the best doctors, they are heavily investing in Georgia, they have a high retention rate, they signed a 20 year agreement with Emory to be their main hospital, they offer the most benefits, they have a PPO option and they offer the best telemedicine.

Getting your company on Kaiser will represent substantial savings over time. They are also the only insurance carrier that offers a managed care network. This means their whole goal is to improve the health of your employees. Their doctors get bonuses only on employee outcomes, not the number of patients they see.

A New Fully Insured Contender – Oscar and Cigna Partnership

Oscar is a tech startup out of New York. They entered the Georgia market in 2020 with an individual health insurance offering. Now, starting 10/1/2020, they have partnered with Cigna to launch a group health insurance plan in Georgia.

This plan offers both a “pseudo HMO” and a PPO. Oscar has a strong focus on technology and this plan has strong options for telehealth, virtual care, easy prescription fills, dedicated support and great pricing!

Self-Funded Health Plans for Small Groups

If you have not had a conversation about self-funded health plans yet, you are missing out. Do you know which carriers are offering these plans now? Anthem, Humana, UHC, Aetna, National General (Allstate) and more! Everyone is now offering these plans because they work.

The biggest difference in these types of plans is that they give you a price based off of the total health of your employees. This means that if your employees are generally healthy, you could see 20%-40% savings off your current plans! And while there are some more considerations to think about with these plans, with how these plans work for small groups, there almost no additional risk to the company!

If you have your group health insurance through a payroll company like Gusto or ADP, you will not be able to access these plans. And with new technology, you can do everything that these companies are doing PLUS have access to all the plans on the market! This is how…

Introducing the Best Payroll Company for Small Groups in 2020:


Rippling is changing the payroll, HR and benefit admin market. They give you all the features and affordability of Gusto AND they allow you to use ANY health insurance plan that you want. This is huge as before, if you used a company like ADP or Gusto, you would be limited to the small selection of plans that they offer. Large companies like this are slow to adopt the innovations in the market and this likely meant that if you used them you were overpaying on your insurance by the thousands. With Rippling you can keep an independent broker who has access to all the plans in the market. And your broker can even be an admin on Rippling to help with enrollment and ongoing administration!

Rippling has won a host of awards and has a 4.9 rating on G2 Crowd. They are the ultimate payroll and employee management platform. We have partnered with Rippling to bring this amazing technology to our clients. And we can get you a discount on their services as well! Give us a call!

Why Georgia Health Insurance?

We know that companies in today’s turbulent and constantly changing environment need more than simple proposals and basic services. We understand that employee benefits are complicated and expensive. You need help with everything from shopping for the best plan, getting honest and expert advice, implementation and ongoing management of your plan, regulatory compliance, payroll integration, cost containment and more.

Georgia Health Insurance is the partner you have been looking for. We have the best combination of service, knowledge and technology. We want to help you get your employees the best benefits at the best price. We also want to help you manage your plan in the best way possible. Call or schedule an appointment today!

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