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It is 2020. Businesses need to be smart and agile. Part of doing this is making sure that you keep the employee administration cost as small as possible (the cost in TIME and MONEY). Managing your employees HR, Payroll and Benefits is necessary, but the more resources you devote to it the less resources you have to run the profit making part of your company!
There is no reason to use multiple system to manage your employees. HR with one system, Payroll with another and benefits just floating in the void? No! This is inefficient and makes you spend more time and money than you must. You need one easy to use, affordable employee management system that does EVERYTHING!

Do you already have a bundled employee management system? Wait! It has a major problem!

Maybe you agree with me and have already sought out a solution. There are a number of tech savvy companies that give you the ability to easily bundle your HR, Payroll and Benefits into the same system. Gusto is a prime example of this. Legacy payroll providers like ADP also give you ease of use. And then there are PEO systems like Tricore that bundle systems as well.

All of these solutions have one major handicap: By using them you lose access to the free market!

Each of these companies requires you buy group health insurance through them if you want to take advantage of their bundled system. This is a MAJOR problem. Group health insurance and employee benefits are one of the biggest expenses for most companies. Companies that make you buy through them can not offer you all of the plans that are on the market. You could be paying $1000’s of dollars for the added conveniences of a bundled system WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

For example, in Georgia small businesses can get self-funded health insurance plans. These plans can save you up 20-40% off of traditional plans and still provide major medical coverage with a big name carrier (Anthem, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, National General etc…).

Can Gusto offer these plans? No. can Namely? Can ADP? No. Can any of these large payroll and benefit admin companies? NO!

The Power of Rippling – Why we are Partnering with Them!

Rippling and GHI Partnership

The Power of an Independent Benefit Consultant, Agent or Broker (Like us!).

Why is having a local, independent benefit consultant essential to your company?

  1. We have access to the newest innovations in the Georgia Group Health Insurance space without the limitations that an online broker on the other side of the country working for a massive organization has. We can offer more plans and newer products. A local benefit broker is more likely to save you money.
  2. We have a personal reputation in Georgia. We have amassed over 100, 5-star reviews from our clients. All in Georgia! We have intimate knowledge on the rules and regulations that affect group health insurance and employee benefits in Georgia. We regularly make trips to the capital to get involved! We live here and so does all our family. We are committed to the companies in Georgia in a way that a broker that works for a massive company for 1 year will never be.
  3. We value all our clients. We truly want the best for you and your employees. We will work tirelessly to ensure you have the best insurance at the best price, and that your plan provides everything that your employees need.
  4. Service is our priority! We get in front of problems, so they don’t affect our clients. And if you do have an issue, we will solve it fast. Call us? We call back fast. Email? We respond promptly.
  5. We offer the leading technology solutions in the market. Why choose between service and technology? We offer the best of both worlds in a local package!

The Power of One Platform for Employee Data

Rippling connects every system to a single source-of-truth for employee data.

Onboarding – Rippling automatically sets up new hires in all of your systems. You can onboard a new employee in as little as 90 seconds, across all systems!

Employee Changes – Rippling automatically keeps employee data up-to date across all of your systems. No more managing employee information with multiple portals!

Offboarding – Rippling automatically disables departing employees’ systems.

Payroll – Pay employees and contractors from anywhere. Automatically file your taxes!

Benefits – Medical, dental, vision, 401K and more. All in one place and integrated with Payroll! You can set up your agent or benefit broker up as an admin in your benefit portal. They can help you ensure your benefits are set up correctly and up to date for employees. Say goodbye to paper applications!

Rippling can also manage your ACA reporting and COBRA.

Device and Security – Buy, configure and manage all of your people’s devices, from laptops to monitors.

Apps and Access – Set up employees in 500+ apps – from Slack to Salesforce – and control their access.

The Power of Scalability

It does not matter if you have 2 employees or 1000+. Rippling makes it easy to manage your growing business. It allows your CEO, COO, HR and IT personnel to spend less time on repetitive and timewasting tasks.

Rippling is a modern system that is very easy to use. User friendly, powerful, and agile. This combination allows rippling to work for large and small companies alike.

The Power of Savings

Less systems means less spending. It also means less time wasted by valuable employees. You can also bring your own benefit broker or agent in and have them help you with the work! Just make sure they know what they are doing! Georgia Health Insurance is experienced with Rippling and we can help you set up your benefits the right way!

Rippling is also extremely price competitive in the market. For how powerful and easy to use Rippling is, it would seem like they should cost more. However, that is not the case. They are right around or cheaper than the major technology brokers like Gusto or Namely. But remember not only could you saving switching to Rippling, you will also save by being able to access more of the health insurance market through a local broker of your choice!

That is not all! Georgia Health Insurance can get you a permanent discount with Rippling!

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the reviews and information about Rippling:

Rippling – PC Magazine Editors Choice:

Rippling – Listed as one of Forbes next billion dollar companies:

Rippling – Highest Rated Payroll, Benefit and IT platform on

Rippling – 4.9/5 stars on Capterra and Getapp: and

For you to partner with Rippling, a 5 star company, and Georgia Health Insurance, a 5 star company, just makes sense.

Call, email or schedule and appointment to learn more!


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