1095-A Tax Form

Advanced Premium Tax Credit and Form 1095-A in Georgia

Do not lose the Premium Tax Credit for your individual or family plan due to a lack of knowledge! If you purchased a 2019 plan year health insurance policy through the Marketplace and qualified for a premium tax credit, or you think you might qualify, you must file Form 8962 with your 2020 tax return.

You will receive a 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement in the mail by mid-February. You can also download this form through your Healthcare.gov account. The 1095-A is used to file Form 8962 with your tax return.

If you do NOT file a Form 8962 with your tax return you could lose your tax credit. This could result in higher premiums due for your health insurance.

What is a Form 1095-A and Why is it Important?

A 1095-A statement is a pre-populated tax form sent out by the health insurance Marketplace to tax filers who purchased a qualified health plan (QHP). It includes information on the premiums you paid, the premium tax credits you used and more information you need to complete the IRS Form 8962.

You must file Form 8962 if you want to claim the premium tax credit (PTC) or if you received premium assistance through the Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC).

Who gets a Form 1095-A?

Anyone who had a major medical marketplace plan for any time during the year. It does not matter if you paid full price or only had a plan for part of the year. You will still receive a Form 1095-A and should use it to File Form 8962 with your taxes.

If you were enrolled in a catastrophic plan, dental-only plan or got an exemption and did not enrolled in QHP coverage you will NOT receive a Form 1095-A.

What if my Form 1095-A is Incorrect?

If you believe that your 1095-A is incorrect, please call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 and request that is be corrected. The Marketplace will determine if any corrections need to be made. If they make corrections, they will mail you the corrected copy.

How do I find my Form 1095-A online?

  1. Log into your Marketplace account: healthcare.gov
  2. Under Your Existing Applications, select your 2019 application – NOT your 2020 application.
  3. Select Tax Forms from the menu on the left.
  4. Under Your Forms 1095-A for Tax Filing, click Download [PDF].

Can Georgia Health Insurance help me with my taxes?

Georgia Health Insurance does not have any licensed tax professionals. We can only tell you what is required in order to claim the PTC or APTC. If you need help with your taxes, please consult a licensed tax professional.

It’s important for filers to use these two forms to file their taxes correctly and on time. These two forms determine the amount of their premium tax credit and record the credits they used to lower their health plan premiums. 

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