8 Reasons to Partner with GHI for Employee Benefits

8 Reasons to Partner with Georgia Health Insurance for Employee Benefits

We know that companies in today’s turbulent and constantly changing environment need more than simple proposals and basic services for their insurance agent. We understand that employee benefits are complicated and expensive. You need help with everything from shopping for the best plan, getting honest and expert advice, implementation and ongoing management of your plan, regulatory compliance, payroll integration, cost containment and more. Your employee benefits could be cheaper and easier to manage if you had the right insurance agency.

Georgia Health Insurance is the partner you have been looking for. We have the best combination of service, knowledge and technology. We want to help you get your employees the best benefits at the best price. We also want to help you manage your plan in the best way possible. Check out our Group Page to learn more about how we can help you with employee benefits in Georgia!

Here are 8 Reasons why you should partner with Georgia Health Insurance for your employee benefits:

1. We offer our groups the online benefit management tool Employee Navigator – Free of charge!

Enroll and manage all of your employee benefits online for free – no more paper forms! We use Employee Navigator, an end-to-end benefits administration software that makes it easier for our clients to offer an extensive benefits package without increased administrative work. Employee Navigator also centralizes HR records and can sync employee data across multiple system, including payroll, COBRA, and carrier integrations. This tool makes your life easier. Spend less time managing your benefits and more time growing your business! Read more about Employee Navigator HERE!

2. You will always get honest and expert advice from Georgia Health Insurance.

We are an independent agency and a direct advocate and consultant for our clients. The daunting task of choosing the best benefits for your company and employees is alleviated by our expertise and by the honest, straightforward way in which we deal with our clients. Our employee benefit team is constantly reading about new products, upcoming healthcare legislation on the state and federal level and benefit management tools. We stay up to date on what matters so that we can offer our clients the best advice and products.

3. Our groups get access to an online HR Library – Free of charge!

An online HR library is a valuable tool for your business. It contains reliable information on topic ranging from federal and state HR requirements to training videos and downloadable forms. No more searching google for answer that may or may not be correct! The HR libraries we provide and written by lawyers and constantly updated! Need information about hiring or firing an employee? How about information on the latest business related regulations? Our HR library has all of that and more!  Read more about the online HR Library we offer HERE!

4. You get a customized Benefit Booklet with your employee benefits.

We create customized, professional benefit booklets for our clients. They include all the benefits that your group offers to employees. This is a great way for your employees to be able to quickly reference their plan details and benefits.

5. We utilize FormFire and RateFactory for underwriting and quoting efficiency.

RateFactory allows us to get accurate and easily understandable fully insured quotes while FormFire lets us collect one underwriting application that we can use to get self-funded quotes with every major carrier in Georgia. Gone are the days where you had to fill out multiple applications just to get self-funded quotes! We are always looking to leverage technology to help our clients. Not sure what self-funded insurance plans are? Read more HERE to see if you are missing out on cheaper group health insurance!

6. We help with 1094/1095 completion and distribution.

We take the burden off of your HR administrators by providing all the forms you need, ready to be distributed to your employees. We also provide signature-ready employer tax forms. All you need to do is distribute the forms to your employees, sign the corporate form and mail to Uncle Sam! These forms are only required for groups that have 50+ employees or who have a self-funded health insurance plan.

7. Georgia Health Insurance offers the BEST customer service in the industry.

We have our 70 five-star Google reviews. Providing excellent customer service is what we do. Call us? We call back fast. Send an email? Get a quick response. We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Terri Potter started Georgia Health Insurance over 13 years ago with the idea that we would help people. That idea has shaped our company and continues to be our main focus going forward.

8. We take an active roll in your ACA compliance.

That’s right, we will complete the government required ERISA WRAP document and have the full Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) including mandated ERISA language ready for you to distribute to your employees! Not having these documents created and distributed to your employees can result in MASSIVE fines. Is your group compliant? Additionally, our software tracks and maintains your plan to make sure that you are hitting the required governmental benchmarks.

Does it sound like we may be a good fit for your company? Give us a call! We are open 9am-5pm and you can call our office anytime at 770-452-9335. Alternatively you can set an appointment to talk with our lead employee benefit agent, Daniel Potter, here: https://calendly.com/ga-health-insurance/daniel-meeting?month=2019-07.

*Services provided are subject to group size and plan type.


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