2023 Marketplace Open Enrollment is HERE!

It is that time of year again! Open enrollment has arrived for individuals and families in Georgia. There is a lot of information that you should know about this open enrollment and health insurance in 2023. This post will go over some of the highlights that everyone in Georgia should know.

Our Open Enrollment Guide for 2023

Georgia Health Insurance, Inc releases its yearly guide to Individual and Family Health Insurance in Georgia! This is a comprehensive post that we put together every year that highlights frequently asked questions, detailed information on every marketplace carrier in Georgia, our suggestions on the different plans and carriers available, information on networks, dental and vision, how to get quotes and apply plus MORE! Do yourself a favor and check it out here:

Family Glitch Removal

A big change for 2023 is the removal of the “family glitch”. This “glitch” prevented many people from receiving a subsidy due to a spouse being offered insurance through their work that was affordable to one member of the family. You can read more about the changes for 2023 here: https://ga-health-insurance.com/proposed-rule-to-fix-the-family-glitch-in-2023/. Bottom line is that this change will allow more people to receive a subsidy for their insurance in 2023!

Subsidy Extension via the Inflation Reduction Act

Many know that the Marketplace subsidies saw a big boost during Covid-19 due to the American Rescue Plan in 2021. Many did NOT know that these subsidies were going to run out in 2023. But the Inflation Reduction Act extended these subsides all the way to 2025. This means that MANY people will qualify for a large subsidy on their 2023 insurance plan and as many as 4 out of 5 customers may pay less than $10 a month! Read more about this in our blog post here: https://ga-health-insurance.com/health-insurance-subsidies-boost-set-to-extend-to-2025/

Overall Market in Georgia

The Individual and Family Marketplace might have gotten a bad rap for the HMO plans, small networks, customer service and technical problems that plagued it when it first appeared. However that was 9 years ago and things have changed drastically since then. Now we have many carrier options in Georgia (11 to be exact), large networks covering all the main hospitals in the state, thousands of doctor options, great pricing, easy signup and renewal processes and increasingly good customer service. And while calling the Marketplace might not be the easiest thing in the world, having an agency like Georgia Health Insurance on your side will make a world of a difference both during your initial enrollment and throughout the year.

Unfortunately there are still a number of “bad actors” in the insurance world and we encourage everyone to be VERY selective about who you give your phone number and email address out to. Many will sell your information to call centers and you could be bombarded with literally hundreds of calls. Plus there are still scams lurking out there that pretend to be “Major Medical PPO plans” that promise amazing insurance but deliver a ton of hidden exclusions and find print reductions. Only use an agent with at trusted reputation!

How can I get Quotes and Apply for a Plan?

After reading our guide above, you will have enough knowledge to run quotes and make an informed decision. You can run quotes and apply for a plan here, using this link costs you nothing and makes us your agent: https://www.healthsherpa.com/?_agent_id=daniel-potter If you run into problems when you are applying don’t worry, we can come into your application and help resolve the issue!

But if you want more help looking at the different plans, getting help with networks and need more advise on what plan to choose, you can schedule a phone or video appointment with us here: https://calendly.com/ga-health-insurance/daniel-meeting?month=2022-11 We would be happy to help you look at the options and get signed up for a plan!


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