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January 18, 2017
Final Open Enrollment Deadline for 2017 Health Insurance



Open Enrollment ends in 13 days, on Tuesday, January 31st. Please contact me before Monday, January 30th if you want help purchasing a plan or changing your plan.

After January 31st , you cannot purchase a health plan for the rest of the year. The exception is if you have a Qualified Event that will give you a Special Enrollment Period to enroll or make a change.

Get a quote now

Call to get all the quotes in one place. I can also help you figure out if you qualify for a Tax Credit Subsidy.

Going without insurance due to high prices? I can help you with a Short Term plan which is better than nothing. Let me know!

Please let me know what you are doing for insurance for 2017.

If you changed/purchased a Marketplace plan, please let me know. If you included my name (Terri Potter) and my Agent National Producer Number (NPN# 7040882) as someone helping you, then I am your agent for 2017. If not, I can become your agent with a simple form, so let me know!

If you called your insurance carrier directly to change your plan, I may not be listed as your agent. Let me know and I can correct that.

If you are new to me and you would like to have my help, I can be added as your agent to your existing plan with a simple form. Reply to this email or call me!

Need dental or other insurance?

I can help you with other types of insurance like Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Medicare and Long Term Care insurance. Call me if you need help with these products because I can run you a free quote.

I am waiting to help you!

The earlier in the next two weeks you contact me, the better, as it will get busy near the deadline. Call me now at 770-452-9335, or reply to this email asking for help.

I look forward to helping you!

Thanks so much,


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Terri Potter :: Georgia Health Insurance, Inc.
P: 770-452-9335 F: 770-452-9336
Free quote/apply online:

Individual/family, group, Medicare, short term, life, disability, long term care, dental, vision, travel, expat



January 12, 2017
Open Enrollment update


There is still time to apply for a qualified health insurance policy during open enrollment.

You have until January 31st to apply for a 2017 health plan both on or off the Marketplace. We can help you with both plan types.

February 1st and March 1st effective dates are still available.

Give us a call today at 770-452-9335!



May 27, 2016
Did you know? Medicare and subsidies do not mix!


Many people do not realize that they cannot continue to receive a Tax Credit Subsidy from the Marketplace once they become eligible for and enroll in Medicare Part A. If they continue to receive subsidy money, the Federal Government will require that they pay that money back when they file their taxes.

Call Terri with your questions about Medicare, plans and much more! 770-452-9335.

Or, email your question to:



January 18, 2016
Open Enrollment ENDS January 31st


The deadline for 2016 health insurance is here / make Terri the agent on your new policy!


Still need health coverage?

Open Enrollment ends in less than two weeks, on Sunday, January 31st. Please contact me preferably before Friday, January 29th if you want help purchasing a plan or changing your current plan.

Get a quote now


FREE help:

I assist with plans off and on at no additional cost to you. The money I am paid by the insurance carrier is already built into the cost of every health plan sold today. As confusing as the health insurance process is these days, everyone could benefit from some good, knowledgeable help! I represent all of the major health insurance carriers selling qualified plans in Georgia today.

With a simple call you get all of the quotes available in one place, for the same price you would pay going directly to each carrier, or to the government’s Marketplace. If you think you qualify for a Tax Credit Subsidy, I can help you figure that out as well.


After Open Enrollment ends, you cannot purchase a health plan for the rest of the year, nor can you make a change to a policy. The exception is having a “Qualified Event” that will give you a “Special Enrollment Period” to enroll or make a change.


To my existing clients:

Thank you to all who have called to make changes to your policy during Open Enrollment. If you have gone to the Marketplace ( to make a change to your plan or to purchase a new plan, and have not told me, please let me know.

If you did not include my name (Terri Potter) and my Agent National Producer Number (NPN# 7040882) as someone that is helping you, then I will not be your agent in 2016 (unless you saw that my information was already listed as your agent). However, we can get that corrected (if we know about it) with a simple form. Please let me know!

Also, it has come to our attention that if you have called your insurance carrier directly to make a change to your plan, you were likely put on a new plan without me being listed as your agent. Again, I can get that corrected if I know about it.

If you are someone new to me and you would like to have my help going forward, I can be added as your agent to your existing plan with a simple form. Reply to this email or call me.


Need dental care?

Other types of insurance can be purchased year round like dental, vision and Long Term Care insurance. Call me if you need help with these types of products. It is simple to get a quote for the dental and vision plans I recommend, which are Delta Dental and Renaissance Dental plans.

Get a dental quote now


Remember- I am waiting here to help you for free!

The earlier in these next two weeks you contact me, the more time I will be able to spend explaining details to you. It will get very busy at the end of next week, so call me now at 770-452-9335, or reply to this email asking for help. I look forward to helping you!


Terri Potter

Georgia Health Insurance, Inc.


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November 20, 2015
Free help for your insurance options!


Open Enrollment is well underway and Terri is helping our new and current customers make sure they are on the right plan for January 1, 2016.

We are here to help, and it doesn’t cost you anything!

Terri small


Terri Potter is an expert health insurance agent. She can help with:


Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Kaiser, Aetna, Cigna, Coventry, Ambetter, United Healthcare, Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, Marketplace subsidy eligibility, Marketplace enrollment and, off-exchange plans, individual and family plans, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, provider networks, benefit details and more!


If you have a Marketplace plan and need to update your information or enroll in a new plan, Terri can help you do that with a simple, 20 minute phone call.


Many of our clients have plans that are being discontinued at the end of the year, so we are helping them move to the their next best option.


Almost everyone else is getting huge price increases for 2016, so we are running quotes for all of our clients to see if there is anything else available, so we can know they are on the best and most affordable plan possible for next year.


Important Dates:

November 1st: Open Enrollment begins

December 15th: The last day to enroll in coverage beginning January 1st.

January 1st: The first day coverage can start

January 31st: Open Enrollment ends



Email Terri any questions ( or call her at 770-452-9335




November 4, 2015
Open Enrollment is here! Get covered cheaper for 2016


Information from Terri’s latest newsletter:

Open Enrollment begins this week! I am comparing plans to see which carrier has the best options for 2016. I will begin sending quotes as soon as I feel comfortable with which plans to recommend. If you requested quotes you will have them within 1-2 weeks. If you have not requested a quote yet, then email be added to my list. Browse the new plans and prices now:


Apply on exchange: I have a wonderful new way to apply through the health insurance marketplace, It has shortened enrollment time and frustration drastically! You can even enroll yourself now. Or check to see if you qualify for a tax credit subsidy to help pay for your insurance.


Update your info: You may need to call or log in to to make updates to your income information for 2016. Sometimes my agent information does not remain with your account when you do this. Please make sure I am listed as helping with your insurance (your agent) and that Terri Potter and my NPN# 7040882 is showing on your account. This will allow me to continue to help you going forward.


A huge thank you to those of you who have given us a Google review! If you have found our services helpful, we would really appreciate quick sentence or two review on Google.


Thank you and talk to you soon!

-Terri Potter

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October 30, 2015
Get covered for 2016!


Open Enrollment starts this Sunday, November 1st

Be sure to remind your family and friends that now is the time to get health insurance and shop around for cheaper health plans for 2016. You have until December 15th to enroll in a plan that will begin January 1st, 2016.


If you have already requested quotes from Terri, you should have them soon!

If you still need to request a quote for yourself or someone you know, call us or email us at


Terri Potter is here to help navigate all your health insurance options for 2016. She can help you with plans on or off, and can assist you with your Humana, BCBSGA, Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare, Aetna, Coventry, Ambetter plan and more.


Feel free to browse our website for quotes after November 1st as you are shopping for more affordable 2016 individual or family health coverage.

Make sure you and your loved ones get covered for 2016!


Feel free to call us with any questions at 770-452-9335.


October 23, 2015
2016 affordable health insurance quotes coming soon



Call Terri for help with:, how to get a subsidy, affordable coverage, family health insurance, catastrophic plans, comparing prices, individual health insurance quotes and more!

Soon it will be time to look at your health insurance options for 2016, as plan discontinuations and renewals are affecting many individuals and families as we approach Open Enrollment for 2016. You should receive a letter from your insurance company soon regarding what will be happening with your coverage in 2016.


Some of you have a plan that will be discontinued on December 31, 2015, and you are not being moved to a new plan automatically. You will need to enroll in a new insurance policy or you will lose health coverage. Others of you are being automatically moved to new, different Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan by your insurance company, or are experiencing a price increase.


I am here to help you by running quotes to make sure you remain on the best, most affordable plan for 2016, and to help you enroll in new coverage if your plan is being cancelled. Please contact me (if you have not already reached out), if you would like information and quotes from me after November 1st .


I can assist you both on and off. If you have a Marketplace plan, and your family/financial information is changing in 2016, you need to call and update your account, as this may affect the subsidy you are receiving. You will need to be sure to give them my name, Terri Potter, and NPN (7040882) so that I can become or remain your agent.


Contact me if you know anyone who might benefit from discussing their health insurance options with me, to make sure they are on the best plan. I’m here to answer your questions, so feel free to give me a call!



phone: 770-452-9335


October 9, 2015
Newsletter update from Terri Potter on your 2016 health insurance


Our first newsletter of the season has gone out! To receive occasional updates from Terri in your inbox, sign up in the box above.


Plan changes, open enrollment, new prices, help and more:


Open Enrollment: It is that time of year to reevaluate your health insurance plan for the coming year. Open Enrollment for the entire country starts November 1st. That means that you can enroll in or change health plans for any reason and do not need to have a qualifying event. You have until December 15th to make a change or purchase that will go into effect on January 1, 2016. However, Open Enrollment does not end until January 31, 2016.


2016 quotes: We are off to a great start preparing for this busy time of year. This month is filled with meetings with the different carriers, seeking out subtle changes being made, and eating our Wheaties in order to gear up for the long hours we will be working to serve you! Once all of the plans and prices are revealed to us, I will take the time to evaluate each carrier’s plans to see how they compare based on benefits and prices. Then I will come up with a list of the plans that I feel comfortable recommending for the different levels of coverage.


I already have started a list of the people who have called or e-mailed me requesting quotes. Contact me if you want to be added to that list. If you have already contacted me, rest assured, you are on the list. I will be sending out your personal recommendations as soon as I can come November.


Get help paying: Again this year, I will be helping people both on and off of the Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange. The only reason to purchase a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange ( is if you think you qualify for a subsidy to help you pay for your plan. And I am here to help you determine that.


Free insurance help: As always, I am here to help you at no additional cost to you. My services are free, as the cost of all insurance is the same no matter who you purchase it through. I am paid by the different insurance carriers. So be sure to go through us if you want to change or purchase your plan so that I will be your agent and can help you. Be sure to share this newsletter with your family and friends who could use our help!


If you have found our services helpful, we would really appreciate it if you would give us a quick review on Google. All you need to do is click here then just write a quick sentence or two! Thank you so much!


I’ll be in touch with more info on November 1st!


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September 28, 2015
Travel health insurance: additional benefits


Travel medical insurance offers coverage for many benefits that people do not think about when traveling abroad. Did you know that if you require a medical evacuation to an adequate facility your travel policy will likely cover that transport and then pay to send you home? Plus, if you require an extended hospital stay it might fly a family member of your choice to be by your side while you are hospitalized and fly any dependent children home. These are benefits that would be important to have in the case of an emergency when traveling abroad. Ask us about this travel health coverage today!