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“It was so great talking to you, Terri. You gave me a lot of good information concerning health care and my finances as I go through a life change. I will definitely be using you as a consultant.”

Carrie of Atlanta

“Terri Potter and her staff were very helpful. When my daughter and my grandchildren needed health insurance, she provided great advice and service. I highly recommend her!”

Jim from Atlanta

Terri, Thank you for your time, assistance and consideration. Thanks to you I no longer have information overload in regards to Medicare, but know how to move forward with a good understanding of what to do.

Irene from Atlanta

Great folks to work with. I recommend them to anyone looking for insurance. They have always done a great job for us

Paul T. in Winder

Terri Potter is a first rate health insurance expert. She is always available and responsive. One time when I was very late in applying, I put in an application and got a call back at 10 pm!! She was still at the office! She is friendly, courteous and truly cares about her clients. She will help you negotiate the tricky marketplace for individual health insurance plans, and she can point out issues that are impossible to find without her steady hand guiding you. She knows which plans are accepted by doctors and which aren't, and she will steer you away from making a mistake that could be devastating if you can't find a doctor that will take your insurance. I would trust Terri with any insurance issue. Well done, Terri!

Kathryn H. in Atlanta

Incredible service. In the crazy confusing world of insurance, I have been so relieved to have Terri help me navigate through the process. I have been using her services for years & am constantly recommending her to family & friends.

Angelique W. in Atlanta

My husband and I have always relied on our own abilities to figure out what is best for us, but with all this confusion concerning health insurance, it became clear that we needed help. We are just beginning the process of attempting to obtain health insurance through an agency, but Terri Potter and her staff have really been great so far in keeping us up to date. I cannot say I look forward to enduring this whole "marketplace" experience, but I do believe that Terri will do the best job to get us through it!

Donna B. in Albany, GA

Terri and her team are outstanding! Their knowledge of the products is key, but the quick turnaround is even better. Terri goes above and beyond to help her clients and she even responded to me on Thanksgiving weekend with direction my aging mother can use in securing the correct insurance broker in her new home state of Florida. Thank you Terri and Rachael!

Julie P. in Marietta

Terri Potter and her staff were very wonderful in helping me go through the matters with the Healthcare Marketplace and Medicare. Thank you for your hard work and especially in dealing with the many complicated matters that I have brought to you. Thank you again for taking the time from your busy schedule to care, bless you, you are a very kind lady indeed.

Dao H. in Lawrenceville

Terri and her staff are wonderful! So helpful in figuring out how to wade through the many, many options out there and come up with just the right plan at the right budget. I would recommend this group to anybody interested in maximizing coverage for any budget.

Joanne G. in Kennesaw

Terri Potter and her coworkers always provide quick and helpful information and is always eager to answer questions to assure you understand what you are calling about. I recommend this company.

Tamara N. in Newborn, GA

Terri Potter and her staff are very professional, efficient and knowledgeable about all the intricacies of the insurance world. Communication was fantastic and her staff went out of their way to help me when a problem came up. I would highly recommend using Georgia Health Insurance, Inc. to all my friends and family located in the Atlanta area.

Laura G. in Thomasville, GA

Teri helped clear up all the confusing options for policies when Obama care began. The level of service accompanied by her concern for finding just the right product is unheard of in this industry. And one more thing...she is lightning fast returning phone calls and emails! Amazing.

Deborah W. in Winder, GA

Terri and Rachel, This shout goes out to you both for your ongoing work on our behalf, and we sincerely appreciate it. Rachel, I know you've put a lot of your own time into this, and we cannot thank you enough for your thorough and expeditious efforts in working to resolve this matter. Knowing that we are finally getting this over-payment refunded is a huge relief, and we truly owe much of it to you. Terri, you've remained our steadfast ally negotiating group and individual health insurance policies through the years, and it is sufficed to say that you rock. ;-)

- S.C.- Office Manager of a Physician’s Practice in Atlanta

Thank you for all you have done and we will certainly keep you in mind or recommend your business should we come across people requiring assistance. If there is any professional org or web site on which I can recommend you, please let me know. Selling someone a policy or plan is one thing, its supporting people with all the stuff over a long period of time that is uncommon. Thank you again and God Bless.

- Karl

Terri assisted my wife and I in choosing a health insurance plan when our child was born. Terri was quick to answer questions, make recommendations and help us choose a policy that fit our needs, and answered any and all of our questions. If you want good personable assistance to help navigate the often tricky waters of health insurance and understanding what is best for your family, Terri is definitely the first person you should call.

- Jaq Baldwin

If ever in the market for a personable, expeditious agent who possesses veracity and integrity, Terri is your agent! She finds excellent deals for you, checks in and follows up. She is easy to reach and quick to respond to your v.m or email. I highly recommend Terri for any of your insurance needs!

- A.B. Kaplan

Terri was very responsive to my needs. She worked hard to determine a plan that would fit my budget and offered great suggestions to ensure I would get the best coverage for my family. I truly appreciated her hard work, responsiveness and integrity.

- Deanna Quinn

Terri, I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my mom's insurance. I find all the information can be overwhelming and confusing; but with your help, I was able to understand how the different policies work. You helped me select the right type of coverage to meet my mom's needs. I feel much more comfortable with you to help me with our insurance. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends!

- Dory

Terri, we wanted to thank you for helping us get Gail health insurance. This takes a lot of worry off of our shoulders and we appreciate it. It is such an intimidating process and you made it easy. Thanks again.

- Steve and Gail

Terri is excellent at what she does! She is personable, knowledgeable about the insurance industry and always looking for the best ways to help her customers save money especially in these economically challenging times. We had a choice of many different insurance agents, but we needed someone who we knew would give us the best possible option available; so we signed on with Terri and the Georgia Health Insurance team. We are extremely pleased with that decision and have no regrets whatsoever. They are very thorough, extremely efficient and full of integrity. I recommend their services highly to anyone who is in the market for quality and affordable health insurance.

- Lisa McDonald